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Another of those spells.


This one seems to exist in two forms. One, when applied to an object (for example, firearms), causes noises emitted by the object (like, say, someone firing a bullet) to be muted, partially or totally. The other is an area-effect spell in which all sounds in the area (or at least voices) are similarly deadened. Both of these, of course, serve to give the spellcaster or recipient not merely a moment of quiet and serenity, but an opportunity to whack somebody else without being noticed.

Where Used

The item-silencing version has been applied offstage, by an unidentified mage, to the rifle that Jon uses on Winston Maurel -- being foiled, note, by the intervention of the late Warrel, who might have been unaffected by the silencing, but more likely had just been watching Jon for a while. Sarine has used the area effect spell a time or two, possibly in the same sequence involving the Maurel hit, and definitely in the earlier engagement with bandit Jim and colleagues.

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