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I'm going to cut and paste the entire post linked in the comments here and chop it up over time so it fits - newer people don't have access to the kyhm forums, and some of us older people have to spend 20 minutes remembering our passwords.

Tiamat 18:22, 26 August 2008 (CDT)

Good idea. --Slamlander 06:53, 27 August 2008 (CDT)
Yeah. This could stand doing with other pages with reference to the old Forum as well. Thanks. -- Graybeard 23:18, 27 August 2008 (CDT)

The Post

"I'm bored and not nearly as properly drunk as I should be at the moment...

RMG wrote: Hmm.

Yeah, yeah, yeah... I promise, no more Suzuran or what ever the damn character is called...

Imp-Chan wrote: Hmmm. That would be why she chose a male form, then... more misdirection. Emperor's New Clothes... I gotta stop thinking about this story between updates... the details, though not the general plot, become too predictable. (Sorry Poe, but I think a lot of people had to have seen that one coming...)

Actually she uses that for a disguise because a 6'4 man is a lot more inconspicuous than a 6'4 woman. (to say nothing of one in piecemeal elven armor with a large bastard sword strapped to her back) It's not a very complicated effect: basically just a thin illusion that covers the person, and works better if they don't try to make it look too different then their actual shape, otherwise it ends up looking kind of odd when they move and such.

RMG wrote: Kazebari wrote: I thought it had to do more with children being more "innocent" and being able to see things than an adult, who's had years of people telling them they can't possibly be seeing those things.

That's what I was thinking, too.

That little bit was just something that I made up at the last minute because I needed to put something in that panel. I think the idea was that the kid was the result of a one night stand her mom (the prostitute from the previous chapter, if no one caught that) had with a Tsuirakuan mage who was in town for the weekend or something like that.

spiketail wrote: As for why the kid could see through the disguise: She actually has an imagination. All those boring adults, do not. hmm... wonder if the children have a natural immunity to magic at an early age, more like a... umm (don't understand why, but this comes to mind and can't think of something more... right) white spots fawns have . .. err. . . think i'm trying to say, a natural defensive ability that they outgrow or whatever.


Affi wrote:

I wonder if we'll see that little girl scooped up by the priests or something around the next page

Hmm... well since she'll never show up again, looks like it's time for 'Chose Your Own Bloody Ending'

A.) The 'Shiny, Happy Disney Movie' ending. Against all odds, little Suzie grows up. (also she befriends a cute, talking animal who sounds almost exactly like some popular-at-the-time-this-was-made acter and likes to spontaneously break into song) Her mom, Polly meets some semi-wealthy merchant who falls madly in love with her after they spend just one night together, they get married and Polly never has to work as a prostitute again. Meanwhile, various unrelated events cause the Veracian church to change its men-only stance on priesthood allowing Suzie the chance to become one the nation's first female priests. And they all live happily ever after. The end.

B.) The 'Much, Much More Likely To Happen' ending. (Also called the 'Michael Is a Cold, Pessimistic Asshole' ending) Her mom ends up pissing off some scruffy mercenary, who doesn't happen to be the world's only nice guy assassin this time, and is killed... quite horribly too. Without any other family, Suzie is shipped off to an orphanage and has the misfortune to end up at the only one in Veracia where the priest in charge is a strictly straight pedophile. After years of abuse, molestation, and misery, Suzie is dumped back out on the streets at sixteen. Lacking any job skills or decent education and now possessing the willpower and self-esteem of a garden slug thanks to her time at the orphanage, Suzie has little choice but to become a prostitute and eventually ends up lying in a cold dark ally, dead and mutilated, just like her mom before her. The end.

C.) The 'Because The World Always Needs More Ninja Girls' ending. Her mom ends up pissing off some scruffy mercenary, who doesn't happen to be the world's only nice guy assassin this time, and is killed... quite horribly too. Without any other family, Suzie is shipped off to an orphanage. Fortunately, she ends up at one of the numerous orphanages run by the Church, where the priest in charge is a strictly gay pedophile or that incredibly rare one that has a priest running it who prefers to secretly boink only people old enough to grow pubic hair, at least. Eventually she is picked up by the Ensigerum (who have arrangements with the Veracian Church to get first option on any kids with a decent amount of magic potential and no family connections) and, after many years of training, is turned into yet another emotionless, nearly brained washed killing machine in a pair of curiously clingy black pajamas. 50/50 odds she winds up being killed in battle by a main character some years later. The end.

Just pick the one you prefer, assume that is what actually happens and let us all never speak of her again."

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