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This is intended to be used to indicate articles that need work. These are;

  • articles that are past the Stub stage but are incomplete
  • articles that need revisions
  • articles that don't meet current format/linkage requirements.
  • Tracks revision-required articles seperately from Stub articles.

This us usually done when an Archivist finds an article that needs revision, doesn't have the time to do the revising, and is asking for someone else to do it. It also helps us to remember where these things are so we can get back to them later. Otherwise, we tend to forget.

This template will also place the affected pages in the Needs Work category so that they will be easy to find and track.



  1. Place the
    {{Needs work!}}
    tag at the top of the pages being edited.
  2. Detail the work needed hints on the article's Talk page, under a notes header.
  • To be used in conjunction with:
  • Notes -- Usage -- Section break for Notes from Editor/Archivists

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