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This is intended to be used to indicate Work in Process when an editor is doing major edits on a page that's going to take a while (more than half a day). Also used when doing massive cross-page edits and the editor doing that wants the effected pages to remain stable until they are done working on them.

This template will also place the affected pages in the WIP category so that they will be easy to find and track.



  1. Place the
    tag at the top of the pages being edited.
  2. Do the edits
  3. Remove the tags from the affected pages as soon as you are done editing them.
  • Please honor other editor's WIP tags and not edit those pages until they are done with them. To not do so could result in the loss of either your work or that of the editor who is working on those pages.
  • Please, clean up your mess and remove your tags as soon as you are done. No WIP tag should be on an article for more than a week, except for exigent circumstances.
  • Don't aggrivate others by removing their tags without checking with them.

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  • Rewrote signage. The Memory-Alpha one was much nicer and better written.

    Slamlander 07:30, 26 January 2007 (CST)

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