Warp Gate Twelve

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A specific warp gate in Tsuirakushiti, used by Sarine, Jon, Sara, and Hinadori to bug out for parts unknown. It's first seen here, at which time it looks pretty much like any other Tsuirakuan warp gate. However, Sarine co-opts a pair of portalmages to make certain unauthorized "modifications" to it so that she and the troops can go stop the war between the Tsuirakuans and the elves that she may have unintentionally got rolling.

The gate was really supposed to be in service for something else at the time, and the would-be Tsuirakuan travelers aren't particularly happy about being left without a means of getting where they're going. However, you'd be amazed what a few orange cones and an "Out of Order" sign can accomplish in situations like this.

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