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First use: 2009/04/24

Where used


A magical means of clamping someone scary (i.e., Sara Amraphel) down for a time so that he/she can't commit whatever act of gross violence was on his/her mind. Of course, when the spell wears off...


The spell manifests as a number of glowing, rope-like strands of magic that surround and envelop the target. They aren't necessarily skin-tight, but do lock the target down enough to prevent running, drawing a weapon, etc.

Where Used

The first and only time we've seen it under this name, it is cast by elven cannon fodder Elanin in the big battle in the Far North, to keep Sara (whose time-ninja abilities are known to the elves from her earlier visit to Praenubilus Astu) from going wild and devastating the elven rear guard. It works for a while, but either because Meji succeeds in dispelling it or because Elanin takes a bullet from Jon, eventually Sara is released from its effects, with disastrous results for the elves.

Not to be confused with "Blood-Binding," which plays a significant role in the Errant Road on-line free-form role-playing game, but does entirely different things.

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