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A god is a big magical guy or chick who lives in the sky. Sometimes they have beards.

Gods in Errant Story include Anilis, Senilis, Exitialis, and Luminosita.

Poe probably does not live in the sky. This is, however, unconfirmed. The sky is, after all, rumored to be in the midwestern United States somewhere.



The Gods of Errant Story are varied but there have only been four introduced in this story. Three of them are Elven Gods and one Human God. Of the four, one, the Human-worshipped Luminosita, is a fabrication -- a fact known by most of the world's mages and Elves even before he was Dispelled by Anilis, while manifesting in the body of Ian.

Human Gods

We only know of one, Luminosita. He was fabricated and worshiped by the Veracian Church. Eventually, he was Dispelled by Anilis, manifesting through Ian.

Elven Gods

The Elven Gods are less known outside of Elven culture. However, this doesn't stop them from being real entities. All of the Races in Errant Story are creations of the three Elven Gods (although we're not so sure about the humans). The Elven Gods created special servants to help them, the Paedagogusi.

Troll Gods

The trolls apparently have gods of their own called the Five Great Mothers. It has been speculated that these might refer to the Paedagogusi, but of course, nobody can be sure -- yet.

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