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Chapter Synopsis: Jon heads off on his own to go back to Emerylon, leaving Sarine to head back to the Elven Territories.
Ch. 19 Cover Sarine | burden in my hand
#438 Padre, Gewehr Cell Leader | Unknown Location - Finally! The conflict between the Gewehr Wraiths and Ensigerum might just burst into flame soon.
#439 Padre, Ensigerum Contact - Guess the Ensigerum is taking a more direct hand in this then thought.
#440 Padre, Ensigerum Contact, Jon, Sarine (Offpanel) - The Padre reveals a familiar name... and we see Jon leaving
#441 Jon, Sarine - What appears to be a disheveled Sarine questioning what Jon is doing, which is leaving for Emerylon.
#442 Jon, Sarine, Local - Sarine continues to get Jon to continue along with her, which isn't working.
#443 Jon, Sarine, Local - And away Jon goes. Say, where's Ellis?
#444 Jon, Ellis - Surprise! Ellis stowaway in Jon's bag, which bursting out of didn't help the goodwill the Local was offering Jon. Close to Lorrel...
#445 Jon, Ellis, Tsuiraku Guard - Jon tries to hand off Ellis to a Tsuiraku Military Guard (maybe the same guard seen in #222) to hand off to Bani.
#446 Jon, Ellis, Tsuiraku Guard - Who isn't there... and has transferred back to Tsuiraku. Guess Jon is stuck with Ellis, since he can't just have Ellis go back on his own.
#447 Sarine | Location Unknown - Sarine makes use of a Travel Platform to go home. Wherever that is.
#448 Sarine | The Elven Territories - Sarine is several miles from Praenubilus Astu with something coming up behind her...
#449 Sarine, Female Elven Soldier - Under attack?

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