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Chapter synopsis: Sarine survives the sneak attack (without killing her friend Misa), confronts the elven council, and escapes with her skin and a bad feeling about it all

Ch. 20 Cover Sarine (au naturel) | Home again, home again ...
#450 Sarine, elven soldier | somewhere near Praenubilus Astu - Sarine counterattacks violently
#451 Sarine, elven soldier - that's not any old soldier, that's Misa!
#452 Sarine, Misa - serious scolding going on
#453 Sarine, Misa - why Sarine is in a bad mood; small favor needed
#454 Sarine, Misa | Praenubilus Astu - a friend in need, but what Sarine wants is just "out"
#455 Sarine, elven guard - chutzpah opens many doors
interlude Poe and Impy taking a day off for a con
#456 Sarine, elven council - Sarine wants an explanation but gets condescension instead
#457 Sarine, elven council - so what, exactly, are your motives, Peregin?
#458 Sarine, elven council - a small religious discussion, more or less
#459 Sarine, elven council - too bad about Melrin, but elves outside the city must be crazy, right, Sarine?
#460 Sarine, elven council - the impenetrable has been penetrated, outrageously!
#461 Sarine, elven council - a blasphemous idea, and only a slight fib from Sarine
#462 Sarine, mental images of Jon/Meji/Ian - colorful memories and a dig at the elven regular army
#463 Sarine, elven council - Sarine escapes the chambers of the mighty in one piece, whew!
#464 Sarine, Renane (elven scribe) - a bit of quiet intelligence gathering

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