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Chapter synopsis: Sarine rests and recuperates, despite a painful flashback, but declines to take Misa adventuring. Meanwhile, Ian is experiencing a power rush.

Ch. 21 Cover Sarine | Flying Away
#465 Sarine, Sarine's husband, others | a birthing room somewhere - Sarine is in labor, and worried
#466 Sarine, Sarine's husband, others - a merciful lie isn't fooling anyone
#467 Sarine | Praenubilus Astu - Wake up, Sarine, it was just a bad dream (was it ever!)
#468 Sarine, Misa - relieved to see each other (platonically) and chewing the fat
#469 Sarine, Misa - the Great Houses are a-dither, but Sarine is just exasperated
#470 Sarine, Misa - Sarine fills Misa in, with some slight omissions
#471 Sarine, Misa - Sarine tries to avoid red-shirted-ensign syndrome
#472 Sarine, Misa - sorry, (1400-year-old-) kid: life isn't as cut and dried as you'd like it to be
#473 Ian, Meji | unknown wilderness - Ian's getting better at staying up, so to speak
#474 Ian, Meji - a direct quote: "IAN! Hold up! Dammit, stop this right now!"
#475 Ian, Meji - Meji is nervous, but Ian wants to use his new skills -- for the best, of course
#476 Ian, Meji - mother-like concern? from MEJI??
#477 Ian, Meji - off to save the world, with a tiny bit of ulterior motive

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