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Chapter synopsis: Ian becomes comfortable with his new, Anilis-enhanced powers and heals a bunch of Errants, but extending his "healing" to his dead sister Evelyn turns out badly

2007/01/12 Ch. 26 Cover | Ian | Nothing Beside Remains
01/15 Ian, Leah | Santuariel - wake up, Ian!
01/17 Ian, Leah - Leah has been healed, but is resentful
01/19 Ian, Leah - Ian has a following, courtesy of Riley
01/22 Meji, Riley, Ian - Riley explains her past, and what's wrong with all the Errants
01/24 Meji, Riley, Ian, Leah - Ian is thinking big, but Leah's dubious
01/26 Ian, Leah, Riley - OK, everybody line up to be healed!
01/29 Leah, Riley - Riley decides she's happy the way she is
01/31 Riley, Leah, Ian, Meji - Ian's still at it, but reaching the point of exhaustion
02/05 Riley, Leah, Ian, Meji - Meji, of all people, becomes the protectress
02/07 Riley, Leah, Ian, Meji - Ian contemplates martyrdom and gets a black eye from Meji
02/09 Riley, Leah, Ian, Meji - Plans for the night, but Ian doesn't look happy
02/12 Riley, Leah, Ian, Meji - Ian wants to see the burials on The Hill
02/14 Riley, Leah, Meji - Poor kids, but Leah is feeling frisky...
02/19 Riley, Leah - It feels so good to be able to run without coughing!
02/21 Ian, Meji | The Hill - "Why did she have to do it?"
02/23 Ian, Meji - Ian rages, and shatters his mother's tombstone
02/26 Riley, Leah - a light in the distance, and did the earth move for you too?
02/28 Ian, Meji - "If I really have all this power..."
03/02 Ian, Meji - Meji tries to talk Ian out of whatever he's planning, but too late
03/05 Ian, Evelyn (sort of) - mission accomplished, in an empty sort of way
03/07 Ian, Evelyn (sort of) - that didn't turn out well at all, did it?
03/09 Ian, Evelyn (sort of) - back where you came from, in pieces...

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