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Chapter synopsis: Anita and Paul jump to questionable conclusions about the misfiring of the Winston Maurel trap and leave Sara to find her way out of it; Sara vents her resentment at Jon about being abandoned to the orphanage; Sarine goads Sara into joining up with her, Jon and Ellis.

2007/03/12 Ch. 27 Cover | Sara | Out of Reach
03/14 Anita, Paul | Ensigerum village - "Well?"
03/16 Anita, Paul - Starting the dialogue, but gotta humiliate Paul a little first
03/19 Anita, Paul - What's with all the elves?
03/21 Anita, Paul - Time to take out the Gewehr, but what happened to Sara?
03/23 Anita, Paul - Starting to plan some espionage, and too bad about that novice...
03/26 Jon, Sarine, Ellis | Somewhere in Veracia - Please don't put your finger there, Jon
03/28 Jon, Sarine, Ellis, Sara - Sara's on a hunger strike and magically handcuffed
03/30 Jon, Sara - So, little sister, let's talk...
04/02 Jon, Sara - Sara is depressed, Jon is condescending
04/04 Jon, Sara - Jon strikes a serious nerve
04/06 Jon, Sara - Reviewing some past history, contrition optional
04/09 Jon, Sara - Jon actually apologizes, but Sara isn't buying it
04/13 Sara, Sarine - Sara's unleashed, but now what?
04/18 Sara, Sarine - Sarine invites Sara to escape -- or not
04/20 Sara, Sarine - "Fight me," Sara
04/23 Sara, Sarine - An arena has been prepared, as has a little reminder of Sarine's other skills
04/25 Jon, Ellis - A little comic relief from the smartass cat
04/27 Jon, Ellis, Sara, Sarine - En garde!
04/30 Sara, Sarine - The duel commences, the swords flash...
05/02 Sara, Sarine - Sarine does a little trash talking (and interrogation)
05/04 Sara, Sarine - More dueling and trash talking, plus a right to the chops
05/14 Sara, Sarine - Sara shifts into warp drive, but her punch is interrupted by a gunshot
05/16 Sara, Sarine, Jon, Ellis - The girl fight ends as Jon ponders "beovaried annoyances"
05/18 Sara, Sarine, Jon, Ellis - Sara is invited to tag along, but she's perplexed

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