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Chapter synopsis: Sarine talks her way out of trouble and into Praenubilus Astu, while Sara shows her stuff; Ian spars with Anita, gets scolded, and joins the anti-elf alliance; Misa goes fangirl and is asked to do Sarine a favor

2008/01/02 Ch. 32 Cover | Sara | Into the Skyless City
01/04 Sarine, Jon, Sara, Rhee, other elves | somewhere near Praenubilus Astu - Rhee shoots off his mouth, and gets punched, hard, in the nose
01/07 Sarine, Sara, Rhee, Viradior - Sarine tries to stop Sara from doing any more damage
01/11 Sarine, Jon, Viradior - Sarine bluffs, intimidates and confuses the guy in charge
01/14 Sarine, Jon, Sara, Rhee, Viradior - "TAKE YOU DAMN HAND AWAY FROM ME, COW!" is probably not the right thing to say here
01/16 Sarine, Jon, Sara, Viradior, other elves - an invitation to Praenubilus Astu that can't be refused
01/18 Sarine, Jon, Sara, elves - Jon wants to know what's going on, while Sarine looks for Plan B
01/21 Ian, Anita, NPC Guards | Ensigerum village - Ian has reached a decision; Anita is unimpressed
01/23 Ian, Anita, NPC Guards - Ian will play ball; Anita explains why the Ensigerum don't like elves either
01/25 Ian, Anita, NPC Guards - "You want to have a go at it?" gets misinterpreted
01/28 Ian, Anita - so that's what she meant: some sparring!
01/30 Ian, Anita - look out, his eyes are starting to glow...
02/01 Ian, Anita - Anita gets splattered, but not so badly that she can't do some scolding
02/04 Ian, Anita - getting down to brass tacks; the need for some self-discipline
02/06 Ian (in village), Jon, Sarine | Praenubilus Astu - Ian acquiesces, and Jon sees a large, exotic, naked statue
02/08 Sarine, Jon - Sarine recalls a childhood experience, and is thankful the Cimmerii aren't even weirder than they are
02/11 Sarine, Jon, Sara - subtle flattery mixed with discussions of dreaded honeyed punishment virgins and "An Elf Princess in Farrel"
02/13 Sarine, Jon, Sara - more banter; Sara doesn't get it, so Sarine spells it out for her
02/18 Sarine, Jon, Misa - Misa drops in unexpectedly, bearing rumors that happen to be true
02/20 Sarine, Jon, Sara, Misa - Sara has acquired a 1400-year-old admirer!
02/22 Sarine, Jon, Sara, Misa - Sarine has an idea! Misa is enlisted to do a few errands
02/25 Sarine, Jon, Misa - Misa is to retrieve an "Inanire 312" from the "Infensus Vault" (huh?)

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