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Chapter synopsis: Sarine, Jon and Sara meet the elven council under less than congenial circumstances, while Ian locates Meji telepathically and comes to the rescue; lots of carnage among elven NPC guards; the grand confrontation begins

2008/02/27 Ch. 33 Cover | Sarine | The Blessed and the Damned
02/29 Meji, Ellis, Misa, elven NPC guard | prison in Praenubilus Astu - a secret message from Jon
03/03 Sarine, Misa, Jon, elven NPC guard | consulate - that was quite an experience, wasn't it, Misa?
03/07 Sarine, Misa, Sara - introducing the Inanire 312
03/10 Sarine, Misa, Jon, Sara - shop talk about armor awakens more painful memories in Sarine, of course
03/12 Sarine, Jon, Sara, elven NPC guard | council chambers - Sarine finesses a small security issue involving Jon's gun
03/14 Sarine, Jon, Sara, elves, Ian | Ensigerum village - interview about to start, while Ian levitates inverted in his own temporary quarters
03/17 Ian, Chris - Ian's trying to "find" someone magically, but has his concentration broken
03/19 Ian, Chris - a friendly chat, magical weirdness, back to work
03/21 Meji, Ellis, Ian (telepathically) | prison in Praenubilus Astu - telepathic contact established!
03/26 Sarine, Jon, Sara, Sarine's mom(?), elven mucky-mucks | council chambers - exchanging pleasantries before getting down to the matter at hand
03/28 Meji, Ellis, Ian | prison in Praenubilus Astu, Ensigerum village - you're WHERE??
03/31 Sarine, Jon, Sara, Nisotta, Rarune, elven mucky-mucks | council chambers - news of the attack on Emerylon, and mention of a diplomatic incident
04/02 Sarine, Jon, Sara, Nisotta, Sarine's mom(?), elven mucky-mucks - tit for tat, mama begins to figure out what her kid has been up to, and more innuendo
04/04 Meji, Ian, Chris | prison in Praenubilus Astu, Ensigerum village - yes, Chris, you're probably going to get yelled at, but it really isn't your fault
04/07 Sarine, Jon, elven mucky-mucks | council chambers - an increasingly testy exchange is interrupted by an unnatural event
04/09 Meji, Ellis, Ian | prison in Praenubilus Astu - Ian to the rescue, with a splattered guard
04/11 Meji, Ellis, Ian, elven NPC guard - "You're getting elf gore on my coat!"
04/14 Sarine, Jon, Sara, Nisotta, Yenhael, elven mucky-mucks | council chambers - Jon and Sarine figure it out, and yeah, this would be a good time to vanish quietly
04/16 Meji, Ellis, Ian | somewhere in Praenubilus Astu - starting to escape, but where's Jon?
04/18 Meji, Ellis, Ian, elven NPC guards - the escape is interrupted by a Disruption attack, but it doesn't work so well
04/21 Meji, Ellis, Ian, elven NPC guards - elven body parts flying everywhere, and Ian's beginning to become OK with enjoying it
04/23 Meji, Ellis, Ian, lots of elves - crunch time!
04/25 Meji, Ellis, Ian, Nisotta(?) - first an ultimatum, then defiance, and then a honker of a cliff-hanger...

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