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Chapter synopsis: Aftermath of Ian's attack; dissension among the elves; Sarine puts a hurting on Rarune; Sara and Misa spar

2008/07/30 Ch. 35 Cover | Sara | Now In This Hush...
08/01 Meji, Ellis, Jon, elves | Praenubilus Astu - still captives (but more comfortable, anyway), and where is Sarine?
08/04 Meji, Ellis, Jon, Sarine, Nisotta, Yenhael, Masaki, Skena - Controversy in high elven places, as Sarine predicted
08/06 Sarine, Nisotta, Yenhael, Skena - Nisotta doesn't like Yenhael's attitude, reasonably enough
08/08 Sarine, Nisotta, Yenhael, Masaki, Skena - and the more Yenhael talks, the less Nisotta likes it
08/11 Sarine, Nisotta, Yenhael, Masaki, Skena - Sarine plays the voice of reason, and the councilors actually listen!
08/13 Sarine, Nisotta, Yenhael, Masaki, Skena - Yenhael backs down; the elves have something up their sleeves...
08/15 Sarine, Nisotta, Yenhael, Masaki, Skena - and Sarine, unwelcome, is getting a bad feeling about what it is...
08/18 Sarine, Nisotta, Masaki, Skena - the elven plan involves Senilis, and Sarine likes it less by the minute
08/20 Sarine, Nisotta, Yenhael, Masaki, Skena - "YOU'RE ACTUALLY THINKING ABOUT USING SENILIS AS A WEAPON, AREN'T YOU??!"
08/22 Sarine, Rarune (offstage) - when will they ever learn? Confrontation about to happen
08/25 Sarine, Rarune - Rarune has been cashiered and blames Sarine
08/27 Sarine, Rarune - differing views of paternal responsibility, to put it mildly
08/29 Sarine, Rarune - fist fight!
09/01 Sarine, Rarune - and Sarine wins, predictably
09/03 Sarine, Rarune - that's one threat that Rarune had better take seriously...
09/05 Sarine, Meji, Ellis, Jon, elves - good news and bad news, but where's Sara?
09/08 Sarine, Jon, Sara, Misa - sparring with an overly enthusiastic Misa, that's where
09/10 Sara, Misa - "Attack me, dammit!"
09/12 Sara, Misa - Sara obliges, SPLAT!
09/15 Sara, Misa - the blow to Misa's self-worth hurts more than the one to her midsection
09/17 Sara, Misa - Misa makes a shame-faced admission
09/19 Sara, Misa - Sara tries to be comforting, sort of

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