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Chapter synopsis: Ian arrives in Santuariel, then leaves under a cloud; Sarine gets Meji and the humans out of Praenubilus Astu, getting upbraided by Sarna as she leaves

2008/09/22 Ch. 36 Cover | Leah, Riley | Watch Me Falling
09/24 Leah, Riley | Santuariel - Riley has baked cookies, but that CRASH isn't her fault
09/26 Leah, Riley, Ian - Ian has re-entered, not entirely to Leah's and Riley's delight
09/29 Leah, Riley, Ian - conspiratorial whispering as Ian regains consciousness
10/01 Leah, Riley, Ian - Ian's pants got repaired somehow, so he starts on the roof, to Riley's astonishment
10/03 Leah, Riley, Ian - The roof is repairing itself! Ian starts to realize what he's been doing
10/06 Leah, Riley, Ian - Thumbnail sketch of the recent developments in Ian's (and Meji's) life
10/08 Leah, Riley, Ian - Inanire 312 is described, and Ian starts thinking of rescuing Meji -- again...
10/10 Leah, Riley, Ian - Ian is resigned to bad stuff having happened to Meji, and looks for a crash pad, to Leah's and Riley's chagrin
10/13 Leah, Riley, Ian - Morning dawns; Ian thinks he'd be better off staying to help in Santuariel rather than working with the crazy monk bitch
10/15 Leah, Riley, Ian - clumsy attempt to let Ian down easy, but it isn't working
10/17 Leah, Riley, Ian - Ian can detect lies and deception (including Anita's), so what are you hiding, Leah and Riley?
10/20 Leah, Riley, Ian - Jason Darrow's sad end is revealed ...
10/22 Leah, Riley, Ian - ... and predictably, Ian beats himself up for it, even though Riley says it's not his fault
10/24 Leah, Riley, Ian - the self-loathing continues, invoking Evelyn(?), despite the good stuff he did for Leah
10/27 Leah, Riley, Ian - Ian departs hastily, promising to "take care of everything" (brrr!)
10/28 (sic) Sarine, Meji, Ellis, Jon, Sara, Misa | Praenubilus Astu - Sarine describes the plan, accepting an inconvenient truth that involves Misa
10/31 Sarine, Meji, Ellis, Jon, Sara - all the outcasts are thinking about where they go next, Jon more cheerfully than the others
11/03 Sarine, Meji, Ellis, Jon, Sara, Misa - Misa's staying around to do her duty; touchingly warm sisterly hug from Sarine, but who's that offstage?
11/05 Sarine, Meji, Jon, Sara, Misa, Sarna, unidentified elf - Fancy meeting you here, Sarna!
11/07 Sarine, Jon, Sara, Misa, Sarna, unidentified elf - Sarine angrily explains the top-secret mission, but Sarna is pragmatic
11/10 Sarine, Meji, Ellis, Jon, Sara, Misa, Sarna - Sarna and Meji exchange barbs, but the one Sarna sets in Sarine hurts and doesn't get a response
11/12 Sarine, Jon, Sara, Misa, Sarna, unidentified elf - Sarna leaves with a final jab at Sarine's human-loving memories

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