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2011/05/30 Ch. 50 Cover | Meji | Far Away
06/02 Sara, Jon | Praenubilus Astu - Taking a break from the carnage
06/16 Sara, Jon, Anita, Paul - Jon and Sara will have to die, but Anita is methodical
06/20 Sarine, Anoue - Sarine has an insane idea
06/23 Sarine, Sara, Jon, Anita, Paul - Sarine creates a distraction, and Anita falls for it
06/27 Sara, Jon, Paul - Sara and Paul go at it while Jon tries to set up a shot
06/30 Sarine, Anita - The Inanire 312 actually works!
07/04 Sarine, Anita - This fight may be a duel after all
07/11 Sara, Paul - From the rollover text: "I'm going out like Darth Maul? Seriously?!"
07/14 Sara, Jon, Paul - Now two on one, but Paul is still (over)confident
07/18 Sara, Jon, Paul - Dodging some bullets, but Sara lands a blow the old-fashioned way
07/21 Sara, Jon, Paul - Things look bad for Sara at first, but Jon gets the last laugh
07/25 Sara, Jon - On to the next skirmish, but what's that light in the sky?
07/28 Sara, Jon - Sarine could probably use help, but Jon dropped his gun, the big klutz
08/04 Sarine, Anita - An even fight, in snarkage as well as combat skills
08/11 Sarine, Sara, Anita - Sara's arrival turns the tide, just as Sarine planned (right!)
08/15 Sarine, Sara, Jon - Jon: "So, we survived another stupidly dangerous fight..." What now?
08/25 Ian, Kawaii, Nookie, Ellis - Hell hath no fury like a Kawaii fibbed to
08/29 Ian, Kawaii, Nookie, Ellis - Titmoths are out of action for the moment, but Ellis isn't
09/01 Ian, Ellis - One of the good guys buys it, but hoo boy, is that a mistake
09/05 Meji, Bani, General Izayoi(?) | Outside - The airships have arrived, and Meji notices something very wrong
09/12 Meji, Bani, General Izayoi(?) - Meji does not take Ellis' demise well
09/15 Meji - Comin' through!
09/19 Ian | back inside - No, Ian, the distractions are not all out of the way
09/22 Ian - Page title: "Locate City Nuke"
09/26 Meji, Ian - So it comes down to one on one
09/29 Meji, Ian - The final fight is on, with collateral damage galore
10/03 Meji, Ian - The fight continues
10/06 Sarine, Sara, Jon, Meji, Ian, female Tsuirakuan lieutenant - Jon: "Somehow, things just got worse, didn't they?" Sarine: "It's Meji."
10/13 Sarine, Jon, female Tsuirakuan lieutenant - Sarine figures out what Meji is doing, and likes it
10/17 Meji - Meji finds what's left of the late Anita ... and something else
10/24 Meji, Ian - Meji worries about Jon and almost listens to Ian ... but remembers about Ellis
10/27 Meji, Ian - Mano-a-mano, and Ian has the upper hand ... for the moment
10/31 Meji, Ian - Ian tries to reason with her, but you can't reason with a head butt
11/03 Meji, Ian - Ian makes one last attempt to be reasonable [sic]
11/07 Meji, Ian - Looks like Ian's winning, but Meji has found something
11/14 Meji, Ian - Thanks for the gun, Mr. ChekhovJon! Any last words?
11/21 Meji, Ian (deceased) - First the thunder, then the ghod-light
12/01 Sarine, Jon (offstage), Meji, Nookie, Kawaii - Sarine and Meji have a curiously laid-back reunion
12/12 Sarine, Jon, Meji, Nookie, Kawaii, female Tsuirakuan lieutenant - Getting caught up; so we're done now, right, Meji?
2012/01/02 Sarine, Sara, Jon, Meji, female Tsuirakuan lieutenant, unnamed elf leader - The idiot elf spoils the moment big-time
01/09 most everybody - Meji makes a very quiet, very convincing counter-argument
01/16 Meji, Sarine, Sara, Jon - Suddenly everyone is very polite to Meji...
01/23 Meji, Sarine, Sara, Jon, others - The end! (Except for commentary and epilogue, anyway)

Note: Chronicles of Heretic Knowledge omake interspersed with the comics and Errant Commentary installments at the end of the chapter are not included (see separate articles).

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