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Chicanery 2.jpg


Race: Paedagogusi
Gender: None
Introduction: 2009/10/02


Chapter 42
10/02, 10/05, 10/07, 10/09, 10/14, 10/19, 10/21


Chicanery is one of the Paedagogusi. She's the one who wears a natty business suit and shades, with short blonde hair reminiscent of the late Sarna. (Poe himself pointed this out.)

She first puts in an appearance during the dust-up at the cave, or whatever it is, harboring Senilis. She appears to have immobilized Sara Amraphel, which, it's fair to say, gets the attention of Sara's traveling companions, her brother and Meji. However, her attention is soon diverted to the intruding elves, and in particular, the mess that her sister Concussion has made of one or two of them. With much rolling of eyes, etc., she tries first to get Concussion put back to sleep, then to get the elves to make whatever sacrifices they were going to give to Senilis and get out. Needless to say, this doesn't turn out well.

Brief as it is, this little encounter gives us some insights into Chicanery's personality. She's one of the more business-like of the Paedagogusi, and more or less takes charge of the encounter; even the relatively serious Nookie defers to her. As might be guessed from her name, she isn't above a little subterfuge from time to time, including keeping Continuity in the dark about the fact that while Senilis is still asleep, his pal Anilis ... isn't.

One gets the idea that perhaps she and Sarine might get along well, at least relatively speaking.

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