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A magical effect -- whether it's a "spell" or not is not completely clear -- used by Toren, Lead Dead Moron of the elven military party in Saus.


This one is a bit ambiguous in origin, if not effects. The elves have the ability to mess with the minds of mere humans and half elves, as Sarine in particular has demonstrated on many occasions. Whether this is through magical means or some psychic, extra-sensory skill of elves is not clear, and there may not be a difference. Toren does speak of "casting" disruption effects on the Errants, so one might as well consider it a spell.

Collateral effects last for minutes to days and consist of a spectacular case of the blahs.

Where Used

Here. We don't see the spell itself being cast, but the aftermath is a brain-fried Meji and incompletely brain-fried, and completely enraged, Ian. It takes Meji hours to days to recover from its effects, while Ian comes up fighting in just a few minutes...

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