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A minor locale in the Errant Road on-line free-form role-playing game. It may or may not exist in the Poe-verse, but if it does, what happens in the game has nothing to do with the Errant Story version of the place.

No actual game play has taken place at E.U., but it still has some significance in the game, in that important NPCs Avner Indianel, Rebekah Codoin and Hannah Codoin are all associated with the place, Indianel as a professor and the Codoin sisters as exchange students from Tsuiraku. Unfortunately, the first two of these three have joined the ranks of the Living Impaired, as a result of some messy business in the southern Veracian town of Gervasiel. Presumably this high mortality rate is not typical of the university, but given the high mortality among NPCs in RPGs in general, one never knows.

There have been occasional hints that the more conservative elements of the Veracian Church may have some concerns about these woolly-headed academics in their midst; thus does art imitate life.

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