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A non-player character in the Errant Road on-line free-form role-playing game. Needless to say, he doesn't exist in the Poe-verse.

This rather forbidding fellow is the high priest in the Veracian temple in the town of Gervasiel, which a large gaggle of player characters visit to retrieve the enigmatic Artifact of Absonial from a nearby ruin. He offers cooperation of a sort, if not hospitality. However, he also makes clear his distaste at dealing with party member Suriah, a half elf who isn't a member of the Veracian Church -- even though, at the same time, he points out that he's taken steps to hide Suriah when elven rangers come around looking for half elves to kill. One gets the impression that this guy is, to use the language of another, grossly inferior RPG, a "Lawful Neutral" character: he will follow his orders to protect his town and its people, to the letter, regardless of any personal feelings about it, and he will have no truck with "heathens" who aren't members of his church.

This rather prickly set of personality traits almost gets him killed, as by the time he clashes openly with Suriah, she has acquired a lover, in the form of the somewhat Sarine-like ranger and PC, Drusia Valis. To say that Drusia reacts "protectively" over this possible threat to her new amour would understate the case quite spectacularly. However, she's stopped from killing him by other player characters, and eventually the party continues on its way, leaving Amalric bloodied but unbowed.

PC Sister Rose, herself a wearer of dual clerical and military hats (although any resemblance to Amalric ends there), is pretty sure that this guy is (1) ex-military and (2) a more formidable spellcaster than a small-town priest way out in the boonies has any expectation of being. However, the episode in Gervasiel ends before any more details emerge. He's still out there somewhere, and we may see him again.

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