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A minor NPC in the Errant Road on-line free-form role-playing game. Needless to say, she doesn't exist in the Poe-verse.

Zlata is on stage only briefly at the very end of the game, as PCs (and lovers) Desiree and Therese are making their way toward Therese's home city of Refuge-Nouveau via a convoy that Zlata has joined. However, her influence is felt significantly during the run-up to the final (and curiously abortive) conflict between many PCs and the sinister Convergence, on which she has useful information. Zlata is the granddaughter of the important, lamentably deceased NPC Marge Vatnikov, a long-time friend of Therese's and fellow crusader against the misogynistic culture of Goriel. While exploring an underground railway system, probably of dwarven manufacture, Zlata stumbled onto what may have been the Convergence's home base in the Far North. Grandma thought this was something Therese and colleagues should know about, so in her final, farewell letter to Therese, she mentioned Zlata's adventures and advised Therese to have a talk with the girl some time soon.

At game time, Zlata is a typical (well, not quite "typical" in some ways) rebellious teenager. (Grandma calls her "adventurous" rather than rebellious, but grandmas are like that.) She had known and admired Therese from an early age, and their meeting en route to Refuge-Nouveau is a happy one, even if Zlata then goes her own, chaotic way. Unfortunately, with the game having more or less ended, we probably won't see her again, but she's out there somewhere, getting into mischief, no doubt.

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