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Chapter Synopsis: More about how Sara and Chris are doing (i.e., alive and well). Imperatrix Anita 'negotiates' with Patriarch Jeramel for help to get rid of the Gewehr. Elf s3xx0rs.
Ch. 11 Cover Anita | Half Sunk
#278 Sara, Chris | Ensigerum Village - A sparring match ...
#279 Sara, Chris - ...with a very clear winner and loser
#280 Sara, Chris, Warrel, Paul - Paul is not pleased...
#281 Sara, Chris, Warrel, Paul - ... but Warrel doesn't really care.
#282 Sara, Chris, Warrel, Paul - Oh, that naughty Anita!
#283 Anita, Jeramel, NPC Guards | Emerylon - Anita has chutzpah, for sure
#284 Anita, Jeramel, NPC Guards - Anita used to live in Saus
#285 Anita, Jeramel, NPC Guards - Anita establishes who's the big dog in this fight
#286 Anita, Jeramel, NPC Guards - Vault of Heretic Knowledge is a decoy, is not the GOOD vault. Emerylon used to be a Elven capital. Veracia has managed to piss off all neighboring countries.
#287 Anita, Jeramel - Anita wants the Gewehr eliminated and the help of the Church to do it.
#288 Anita, Jeramel - Specifically, the Gewehr's informants within the Church.
#289 Anita, Jeramel - Goodbye, with just a hint of menace. Anita is so subtle...
#290 Meji, Ellis, Jon, Sarine | Back on the road to Thranel - Sarine singing (off key)
#291 Meji, Ellis, Jon, Sarine - Explaining what was sung about; "too much reminiscing"
#292 Meji, Sarine - Sarine can't sleep
#293 Meji, Sarine - some strangely, painfully motherly behavior
#294 Meji, Sarine, Jon - The ultimate in painful memories comes rushing back to Sarine...
#295 Sarine, Jon - ... worrying Jon.
#296 Sarine, Jon - Jon gets the full brunt of Sarine's Weltschmerz
#297 Sarine, Jon - and on and on
#298 Sarine, Jon - Woah... things HEAT UP.
#299 Ellis - the mighty hunter
#300 Ellis, Sarine, Jon - Fans, enter hysterics now!

Chapter Synopsis: Party still heading to Thranel, Jon made to forget the Night's events, Flashback of Connel Assassination and Anita's thoughts on where the Church/Veracia and Ensigerum stand in the world.
Ch. 12 Cover Sarine | Shattered Visage
#301 Meji, Jon, Sarine | Somewhere in Farrel - Still making way to Thranel
#302 Meji, Jon, Sarine, Ellis - get the kid out of the way so the adults can chat
#303 Meji, Jon, Sarine - "Sarine, about what happened last night..."
#304 Jon, Sarine - POFF! Forget spell! Poor Jon.
#305 Meji, Ellis, Jon, Sarine - Ellis is grossed out, while everyone else gets back to traveling
#306 Jon, Sarine - Morning-after repartee
#307 Meji, Ellis, Jon, Sarine - hitting the road
#308 Connel, NPC Guards (incl. Reeve), Unknown male Ensigerum | Somewhere in Veracia - Flashback to Connel's demise
#309 NPC Guards, Anne (in disguise) - she's harmless, you dolt... right...
#310 Unknown male Ensigerum, Anne, Unknown male Gewehr - Danger! Assassin sighted!
#311 Connel, Unknown male Ensigerum, Anne, Unknown male Gewehr - the diversion worked!
#312 Connel, Unknown male Ensigerum, Anne - The monk misses, but Anne doesn't
#313 Connel, Unknown male Ensigerum, Anne - Anne gets mutilated, but it's too late for Connel
#314 Unknown male Ensigerum, Anne, NPC Guards - "OH, HOLY CRAP!"
#315 Unknown male Ensigerum, Anne, NPC Guards - NPC Guards don't stand much of a chance against time-ninjas
#316 Anne - Making her escape, minus a hand -- eeuuwww!
#317 Unknown male Ensigerum, Anne, Unknown male Gewehr - When beating someone up, never forget about the guy with the gun
#318 Anne, Unknown male Gewehr - Mission accomplished (with casualties), but what was that guy?
#319 Anita, Paul | Ensigerum village - So that's why Anita is Imperatrix, and why she's mad; the niceties of dealing with Jeramel
#320 Anita, Paul - Anita's thoughts on Veracia and what the Ensigerum should be doing

Chapter Synopsis: Finally made it to Thranel. Signs of bandits on way in. Enter Melrin, possible guide -- or not.
Ch. 13 Cover Jon | don't want this
#321 Meji, Ellis, Jon, Sarine | somewhere in Farrel - still heading toward Thranel
#322 Meji, Ellis, Jon, Sarine - smoke sighted, not Thranel
#323 Meji, Jon, Sarine - smoke from wagon wreckage
#324 Meji, Jon, Sarine - Jon is seriously ticked off
#325 Meji, Ellis, Jon, Sarine - Meji is in fine form
#326 Meji, Ellis, Jon, Sarine - exchanging professional jibes
#327 Meji, Ellis, Jon, Sarine - Jon reveals that he knows Sarine messed w/ his memories.
#328 Meji, Jon, Sarine, Dennis | Thranel - something odd at the tavern (The Well Traveled Woman?)
#329 Meji, Jon, Sarine, Dennis, bartender - Dennis has a sad history (maybe)
#330 Sarine, Melrin - "Dennis" = Melrin, with sarcasm about wandering elves
#331 Sarine, Melrin - Sarine gets chided about her job
#332 Sarine, Melrin - "meet me out back in five, gorgeous"
#333 Meji, Jon - Meji is having second thoughts, but it's too late
#334 Meji, Jon, Sarine, Melrin - Sarine, exit, stage right!

Chapter Synopsis: Melrin attacks Sarine. Killed. Something that might be important is in that forest!
Ch. 14 Cover Forest path | Which Yet Survive
#335 Sarine, Melrin | Alley in Thranel - Battle on!
#336 Sarine, Melrin - lots of hacking and slashing over the next few panels ...
#337 Sarine, Melrin
#338 Sarine, Melrin
#339 Sarine, Melrin
#340 Sarine, Melrin
#341 Sarine, Melrin
#342 Sarine, Melrin - ... but she who hacks last, hacks best
#343 Meji, Jon, Sarine, Melrin - Meji doesn't exactly grasp what's going on, reasonably enough
#344 Meji, Jon, Sarine - Back in the Tavern, with Sarine making a disguised entry
#345 Meji, Jon, Sarine - Sarine looks awful; the late Melrin mentioned
#346 Meji, Jon, Sarine - So whatever's in the forest justifies some lawbreaking by Melrin? Interesting...
#347 Jon, Sarine - Magical healing accomplished, so let's get outta here
#348 Meji, Ellis, Jon, Sarine - Exiting town, with a bit of cattus interruptus

Chapter Synopsis: Chris learns something about his father's past. Party takes out the bandits in the forest and finds something that they're looking for.
Ch. 15 Cover Sara | That dream where you...
#348b Sara, unidentified infant | Ensigerum Village - Babysitting
#349 Sara, Chris - Chris' technique in chatting up chicks could use some work
#350 Sara, Chris - Starting to fill Chris in on the way things work
#351 Sara, Chris - Chris' Father's past revealed to Chris!
#352 Meji, Jon, Sarine, Sara, Chris - Chris is thunderstruck, just in time for a scene change
#353 Meji, Jon, Sarine | woods outside Thranel - Bandits!
#354 Meji, Ellis, Jon, Sarine - Hoodwinked!
#355 Meji, Ellis, Jon, Sarine, Bandit Jim - Captured!
#356 Meji, Ellis, Jon, Jim - On to the interrogation
#357 Meji, Jon, Sarine, Jim - Nothing like a mind-rape to overcome a reluctant snitch
#358 Jon, Sarine, Jim - Jim starts spilling his guts; someone else has been here recently
#359 Meji, Jon, Sarine, Jim - There's nasty stuff in them woods; on to the camp!
#360 Jon, Sarine - At the bandit camp.
#361 Meji, Ellis, Jon, Sarine, Jim - Magical violence declined in favor of the old-fashioned kind
#362 Sarine, Jon - 3 down, 1 running.
#363 Meji, Jon, Sarine - And 4th down.
#364 Meji, Jon, Sarine - Jon hasn't quite forgotten the morning after the night before
#365 Meji, Ellis, Jon, Sarine, Bandit Jim - So was that one of those good deeds through multiple acts of violent murder? Blurb on how Law Enforcement works in Farrel
#366 Meji, Jon, Sarine, Bandit Jim - Found it... whatever 'it' is.
#366b Jon, Sarine, Bandit Jim - Sentenced!
#367 Jon, Sarine, Bandit Jim - Dead Jim, to Sarine's annoyance, but Jon is just being economical
#368 Meji, Ellis, Jon, Sarine - Explaining what the floaty thing is.
#369 Meji, Ellis, Jon, Sarine - Checking the status log, *BLEET*, then time for some sleep.

Chapter Synopsis: 1st Mag Field down, 2nd encountered and broken. Platform? Portal! With some Paedagogusi on the other side.
Ch. 16 Cover Jon | Stamped On These Lifeless Things
#370 Meji, Ellis, Jon, Sarine
#371 Meji, Ellis, Jon, Sarine - Feel wh... !?
#372 Meji, Ellis, Jon, Sarine - Field #2
#373 Meji, Jon, Sarine
#374 Meji, Ellis, Jon - Shinys!
#375 Meji, Ellis, Jon, Sarine
#376 Meji, Ellis - /play Sprach Zarathustra
#377 Meji, Ellis, Jon, Sarine - Unknown platform.
#378 Meji, Jon, Sarine - Woah... portal.
#379 Meji, Ellis, Jon, Sarine - When in doubt, throw Ellis at it.
#380 Meji, Jon, Sarine | Location: Pocket Dimension? Contents: One really big glowy tree.
#381 Meji, Ellis, Jon, Sarine
#382 Meji, Ellis, Jon, Sarine, Nookie, Kawaii - Paedagogusi

Chapter Synopsis: Meeting w/ the Paedigogusi, someone beat the Party to the Goddess, the Goddess is gone! Not to mention the return of Ian.
Ch. 17 Cover Nookie, Kawaii | Expectations
#383 Jon, Sarine, Nookie, Kawaii - 'Because it's funny when they jiggle!' -_-;;
#384 Meji, Ellis, Jon, Sarine, Nookie, Kawaii
#385 Meji, Jon, Sarine, Nookie, Kawii - Secret rest home of Anilis. Sleeping! Really!
#386 Meji, Ellis, Jon, Sarine, Nookie, Kawaii
#387 Meji, Ellis, Jon, Sarine, Nookie, Kawaii
#388 Meji, Ellis, Jon, Sarine, Nookie, Kawaii - Lord Cap'n Xander Kittysnoggins and Empress Zenraoshi! And someone else, apparently.
#389 Meji, Jon, Sarine, Nookie, Kawaii
#390 Meji, Ellis, Jon, Sarine

#391 Meji, Ellis, Jon, Sarine
#392 Meji, Ellis, Jon, Sarine
#393 Ellis, Jon, Sarine - Sarine tells Jon why he got mind wiped.
#394 Ellis, Jon, Sarine
#395 Meji, Jon, Sarine
#396 Meji, Nookie, Kawaii
#397 Meji, Sarine
#398 Meji, Sarine
#399 Meji, Sarine, Nookie, Kawaii - It's empty!?
#400 Meji, Ellis, Jon, Sarine, Nookie, Kawaii
#401 Meji, Ellis, Jon, Sarine, Nookie, Kawaii - Kawaii was telling the truth about that other visitor (Half Elf). Party makes it out.
#402 Meji, Ellis, Jon, - Attempt to blow up the portal.
#403 Jon, Sarine - Sarine want the real reason for Meji's trip. | Thranel
#404 Meji, Ellis, Jon, Sarine - Jon 'fesses up. Hideki mentioned.
#405 Meji - Hideki story continued.
#406 Meji, Ellis, Jon, Ian, Sarine - Ian is BACK!~
#407 Meji, Jon, Ian, Sarine - Ian whisking Meji away.
#408 Meji, Jon, Ian, Sarine - Bad move, Sarine.
#409 Meji, Jon, Ian, Sarine - Ian makes good with that escape.

Chapter Synopsis: Flashback to Ian's childhood. Skip back to the Saus fight, Ian finally kills Toren. Finally on his way to our favorite forest outside Thranel. Bandit excursion, Anilis' Resting place, meeting Kawaii. Ian fibs a tale about Lord Cap'n Xander Kittysnoggins, Kawaii eventually sleeps, Ian wanders to the Main Chamber and activates... the goddess?
Ch. 18 Cover Ian, Evelyn | An Interlude...
#410 Ian, Evelyn | Flashback, Ian's past in Santuariel
#411 Ian, Evelyn
#412 Ian, Evelyn - Ian's mom mentioned
#413 Ian, Evelyn, Ian's mom
#414 Ian, Evelyn, Riley, Leah
#415 Ian, Riley, Leah - Evelyn and Ian's mom mentioned | End Flashback
#416 Ian, Toren | Rewind back to where we left Ian and Toren battling in Saus.
#417 Ian, Toren
#418 Ian, Toren - Begin Toren gloating
#419 Ian, Toren - Still gloating
#420 Ian, Toren - Toren gets stabified.
#421 Ian, Toren - Buh-bye Toren~ *waves*
#422 Ian, Toren - Ian: 1, Toren: 0
#423 Ian - Ian mugs another person!
#424 Ian - On to Tsuiraku and other places!
#425 Ian | Forest outside Thranel - Skipping all the boring bits, going straight for the meat!
#426 Ian, Bandits - Ian trying to get to the portal and meets the local Bandits.
#427 Ian, Bandits - This is a stick-up, see!
#428 Ian, Bandits - Now they're gonna get.
#429 Ian - Ian makes it to the portal, activates, and goes unconscious(/resting?).
#430 Ian, Kawaii - Rude awakening by a... a... wth was that!?
#431 Ian, Kawaii - Lets try that again, shall we?
#432 Ian, Kawaii - Kawaii is totally having her way with Ian. XD
#433 Ian, Kawaii - Hyperactive Kawaii! Entry gained into the Secret Resting Place and comforting fib by Ian.
#434 Ian, Kawaii - Sleepy Kawaii. Ian wanders towards the Center.
#435 Ian - Oops... shouldn't of touched that.
#436 Ian - Giant spiritual pen... err... presumed goddess exiting the whatever it is.
#437 Ian - Ian got done. Now, falling.

Chapter Synopsis: Jon heads off on his own to go back to Emerylon, leaving Sarine to head back to the Elven Territories.
Ch. 19 Cover Sarine | burden in my hand
#438 Padre, Gewehr Cell Leader | Unknown Location - Finally! The conflict between the Gewehr Wraiths and Ensigerum might just burst into flame soon.
#439 Padre, Ensigerum Contact - Guess the Ensigerum is taking a more direct hand in this then thought.
#440 Padre, Ensigerum Contact, Jon, Sarine (Offpanel) - The Padre reveals a familiar name... and we see Jon leaving
#441 Jon, Sarine - What appears to be a disheveled Sarine questioning what Jon is doing, which is leaving for Emerylon.
#442 Jon, Sarine, Local - Sarine continues to get Jon to continue along with her, which isn't working.
#443 Jon, Sarine, Local - And away Jon goes. Say, where's Ellis?
#444 Jon, Ellis - Surprise! Ellis stowaway in Jon's bag, which bursting out of didn't help the goodwill the Local was offering Jon. Close to Lorrel...
#445 Jon, Ellis, Tsuiraku Guard - Jon tries to hand off Ellis to a Tsuiraku Military Guard (Probably the same guard seen in #222) to hand off to Bani.
#446 Jon, Ellis, Tsuiraku Guard - Who isn't there... and has transferred back to Tsuiraku. Guess Jon is stuck with Ellis, since he can't just have Ellis go back on his own.
#447 Sarine | Location Unknown - Sarine makes use of a Warp Gate to go home. Wherever that is.
#448 Sarine | The Elven Territories - Sarine is several miles from Praenublus Astu with something coming up behind her...
#449 Sarine, Female Elven Soldier - Under attack?

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