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An elven Peregin (Ranger), never seen in the story that we know of, but mentioned here. He or she is important to the story despite being offstage, having recruited an unnamed human as an informant who then went on to become cannon fodder in the Far North. It's the need to replace this bullet-riddled fellow, who had been trying (unsuccessfully, obviously...) to defuse the ward system en route to Senilis, that persuades nasty elven High Commander Yenhael to keep Meji and the Amraphels around to serve the same purpose. Yenhael is evil enough to have dispatched the humans on sight, probably, and a story without its heroes isn't very interesting, so we owe this Endryn a debt of gratitude, of sorts. Jon, Sara and Meji would probably agree; the late informant's views were not recorded, but might reasonably be assumed to have been otherwise.

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