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A type of Spell, yet maybe not a spell itself. Evocation is the subject of one of the classes taught at the Sashi Mu Academy of Thaumaturgy and Conjuration, as we've learned from Bani Igaaru's flashback sequence. Bani overheard a classmate in the Evocation class talking condescendingly about the new kid from Kiyoka (i.e., Bani), one of the several bits of gossip that helped her decide that Meji was better friendship material than the "snobby bitches" (to use her term) doing the gossiping.

We don't know which of the known spells, if any, qualify as Evocation spells. (Spell taxonomy is probably another subject taught at Sashi Mu, but of course, the Heretical Monks haven't taken that class.) Some possible candidates:

There are probably others. A Sashi Mu course catalog would be a useful thing to have.

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