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Not the obnoxious insect, but a spell.


The Fly spell allows the caster, or possibly the recipient, to do just that: fly through the air, with at least a modicum of control over where he/she is going. (Control may be lost if the caster runs out of energy, possibly leading to a spectacular re-entry.) Note that this spell appears distinct from the Levitation spell, which allows the caster to get airborne but not necessarily to move purposefully in some intended direction.

Where Used

Ian Samael is the great virtuoso of this one, particularly in his Anilis-supercharged form. He's first shown clearly using it (as opposed to possibly just Levitation) here, when he also seems to be dragging Meji along for the ride. At first she doesn't like it, but once she starts to realize some of the implications, the idea grows on her. However, what goes up must eventually come down, and that's when things get really interesting, as Ian then uses the spell again and takes off on his own, in the direction of some shatteringly bad news.

Interestingly, during Ian's bombardment of Emerylon, a panicked exchange in Jeramel's chambers informs us that "even the Tsuiraku arch mages aren't capable of ... flight." Since the Veracian Church did some intelligence and assessment during the Mage/Priest Wars, we can assume there's something to this opinion other than whistling past the graveyard -- to use an altogether-too-apt metaphor.

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