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A page to collectively organize random thoughts on background lore or future events of the comic that have appeared on the Forum. Add more when you come across them!

Is this wall painting a depiction of the paedagogusi or the elven gods? --Kestenvarn

What if Kiyan Nizami wasn't hallucinating these creatures? --Kestenvarn

Sarine's human lover was in the ancient Ensigerum. --Kestenvarn

Exitialis was the creator of the human race. (I forgot who proposed this.)

There may have been more than three gods. --Forrest

Chronomancy and necromancy may be related disciplines. --Forrest

Warrel is Sara's lover. --Kian

Um, let's make that "was." -- Graybeard 12:03, 7 July 2007 (CDT)

Meji's mom got pregnant with Meji intentionally, rather than due to a botched Contraceptive spell. -- Boss Out of Town, and others

The trolls' Five Great Mothers are, or are connected to, the Paedagogusi. -- Mediocrates and others.

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