Fun with Familiars

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Fun with Familiars
Episodes: 2007/09/03, 2007/10/01, 2007/11/02, 2007/12/27, 2007/12/31, 2008/01/09, 2008/03/05, 2008/05/23


A recurring bit of filler art featuring the adventures of a Pre-Errant Story Ellis and Rape-kun. It is set in and around Tsuirakushiti in the period of time between the extended "How Meji Met Bani" flashback and the start of Chapter 1.

The kickoff drawing appears here. Stay tuned for additional installments featuring Ellis, Rape-kun, and Ellis' "littermate" (well, not really, but close enough...) Locke, and various students and ex-students at Sashi Mu.

Its creator is Forum moderator Viking-Sensei (aka Jim Hanson), the third (and lesser known) member of the Errant Story team.

Note that Impy has created a FwF archive on the main site, reachable here.

Fun With Canon

FwF isn't exactly canon, not being drawn by Poe, and technically falls under the category of omake ("bonus" material).

Jim has stated that he is trying to follow the Errant Story canon as best he can, so as to not deliberately contradict anything that Poe has already established. Under this set of rules, which he calls "Loose Canon", while not specifically saying the events depicted did happen, at least they could have happened.

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