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Race: Humans
Gender: Male
Introduction: 2009/01/30


01/30, 02/01, 02/04, 02/06, 02/23, 02/25


A young Tsuirakuan battlemage, introduced here, as he stands watch over a warp gate. (This seems to be one of the main things junior-grade battlemages do.) He becomes an unwitting pawn in Sarine's scheme to get to the far north ahead of both the Tsuirakuans and the elves (and thus to do something, somehow, to stave off the impending awakening of Senilis and ensuing calamity), when fellow battlemage Bani Igaaru works a scam involving Sara Amraphel masquerading as her ... flexible ... country-bumpkin cousin. The last shoe clearly hasn't dropped here; stay tuned.

Bani claims to know him from Sergeant Daiki's golem-direction seminars during basic training, although he doesn't remember her, at least at first. This might be because he took a few blows to the head there, or because they really never knew each other, or most likely, just because he isn't very bright.

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