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The Keiren are a race of elves who prefer woodland areas. You'd think that would make them Wood Elves, but apparently not. They once ruled the interior of the continent of Farrel. There were forests there or something?

According to Poe (below), Keiren are one of the two races of elves with red hair. This fits, as the one known Keiren that we've seen so far (the late Melrin) seems to have had reddish hair even before it got splattered with his blood. Sarine has implied that the Keiren tend to be secretive.

Known Keiren Elves

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Poe Notes:|

(Taken from this thread in the Forum)

Insane wrote: That strip only states that silver hair is only found in Rinkai, they might still have a plethora of other hair colors, such as red. In this strip, though, Sarine straightly denies being Rinkai.

Silver, blue, purple, pink, green, blond and black... they're the anime hair color elves basicly. Red hair is unique to the Sanguen and Keiren.

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