Kenichi (battlemage)

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Kenichi (battlemage)

Race: Humans
Gender: Male
Introduction: 2009/02/18


Chapter 38
02/18, 02/20



A young Tsuirakuan battlemage, introduced (although not named yet) here, as he stands watch over a warp gate. (This seems to be one of the main things junior-grade battlemages do.) He may or may not have been the same cannon-fodder battlemage seen slightly earlier, as he goes on break, leaving fellow junior battlemage Jiro to be duped by Bani and her country-bumpkin "cousin" (Sara Amraphel in disguise).

He unwittingly stumbles across Sarine's scheme to get to the far north ahead of both the Tsuirakuans and the elves (and thus to do something, somehow, to stave off the impending awakening of Senilis and ensuing calamity), when he goes to check out why Warp Gate Twelve appears to be out of action. Unfortunately (for him), he gets cold-cocked by Jon before he manages to report in fully, although he says enough to get the Powers That Be suspicious. The bump on the head apparently isn't fatal, but it's enough to give Sarine, Jon, Sara and Meji time to bug out.

Not to be confused with Ms. Kenichi, a maid in the household of Ichiro Hinadori (Meji's grandfather).

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