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Knowledge crystal

First use: 2009/01/28

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A magical gadget seen for the first time here, as Sarine tries to extract the book on the Lorenzel Excavations from the reluctant proprietor of the Arcana Unearthed bookstore. We don't know exactly how it works -- maybe like an iPod, maybe like a CD -- but the one that Sarine brandishes contains the collected works of the elven playwright Smerilon, which is more than enough to catch the gent's attention.

During this exchange, the storekeeper indicates that he has several of these things. Presumably they're common enough among the elves. However, the ones with good stuff apparently haven't made it into traffic with smelly humans. Time will tell whether Sarine finds other ways to take advantage of this.

Note that the term refers specifically to elven knowledge crystals. Whether Tsuiraku has developed anything comparable is unknown at this time.

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