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A subclass of mage, specializing in certain of the healing arts (and magic). They're first mentioned here, by Meji, as she explains to Ian and Jon why a certain ... well ... self-improvement that she attempted didn't work out. From her description it appears that lifemages have the ability to diagnose magical abnormalities as well as physical ones.

As far as we know, the first time we've actually seen lifemages plying their trade is here, as they try to make sense out of just what happened when Meji got, er, possessed by Senilis. Her grandfather wants them to pull out the stops and get her functioning again {which General Izayoi isn't sure is a good idea), but they simply don't know what's going on with her. Well, fair enough, nobody else does either.

On other occasions various people talk about Healers that also apply magical healing to the sick, lame and hacked up. Whether there is a difference between a lifemage and a healer is unclear. Possibly "lifemage" is a specifically Tsuirakuan term for a healer.

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