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Magic Window

First use: 2006/06/16

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An effect, first seen here in Sarine's sort-of-retro pad in Praenubilus Astu, that simulates sunrise and sunset. Praenubilus Astu is underground or otherwise concealed from the sun, so the windows create a mockup of a diurnal cycle so that the elves can tell the difference between night and day. (Actually, they don't seem to care that much about night and day any more, having adopted the Cimmerii habit of just sleeping when it's convenient. Sarine doesn't like this at all, one of the many regards in which it's clear that she is not your garden-variety elf.)

Sarine's friend Misa is impressed by this when she comes to return Sarine's broken sword after it's repaired by Ciaran. You'd think that after being friends for literally centuries, Misa would know that Sarine has gadgetry like this in her house, but apparently not.

For more pedestrian magical lighting, see the article on Light Globes.

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