Mica and Rekki

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A pair of Tsuirakuans who flit briefly through the story, as a result of the airship fleet traveling to the Far North and interrupting the festivities involving Senilis. They're named here, as they schlep around some divination equipment, but most likely appeared slightly earlier without being named.

Their unnamed commander doesn't seem to think highly of their capabilities, or at least those of the divination team, which is getting weird readings from somewhere -- maybe the airship engines, maybe the "small creatures" who are flying around (read: Nookie and Kawaii). In fact, they're doing their job right, and their instrument has homed in on Meji in her Senilisized state, a fact that gives the boss even more consternation than when he just thought they'd screwed up.

We'll probably never see them again, but they've served their purpose in the story, namely to turn the situation in the Far North into even more of a mess than the Tsuirakuans already thought it was. Note, incidentally, that Mica is distinct from the Sashi Mu student Miki Gatsuki who appeared at the very beginning of the story, fellow Sashi Mu student Mika who figured in the flashback sequence where Bani Igaaru met Meji, and of course, the young (relatively speaking) elf Misa.

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