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Where used

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Another of those spells that fascinate the observer and do weird stuff to the characters.


Not clear how it works, but broadly, it allows people (at least the caster and his main squeeze) to move through a wall as if the wall isn't there. A little speculation on the mechanics:

When Ian floats into Meji's room in the inn in Thranel, the wall of said room vanishes in front of Ian as if a sphere of phase shifting effect caused it to move out of Ian's way. And once he floats away the wall pops back into its original phase of existence completely undamaged. The question is how did Ian allow Meji to reach him - probably (sic) she wouldn't be able to touch him (being in a different phase of existence under the sphere's effect) without Ian canceling its effect in a sector nearest Meji.

Anyway, it works. Whether it would work if Ian wasn't possessed by Anilis remains to be seen.

Where Used

Here. Draw your own conclusions about the mechanism, consequences, divine intervention, and so on. Ian uses it again when he drops in on Jeramel to ask a small question about the elves. (Jeramel, however, is definitely not Ian's main squeeze.)

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