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Race: Humans
Gender: Male
Introduction: 2005/03/09


Chapter 12
03/09, 03/11, 03/23, 03/25


One of the zillions of NPC Guards who crop up from time to time, usually working for the Veracian Church (as he does). He gets to have his name mentioned (here) for his role in the Connel assassination. He's one of the two who stupidly let Anne into Connel's room with a pot of tea, table setting, and a gun. A screwup that severe definitely is enough to get one's name mentioned, no doubt about it.

In the Connel episode, he has the rank of Sergeant, but after this screwup, there's probably a pretty good chance he's going to be busted back to Private or Pond Scum or Guy-Tortured-To-Death-As-An-Example-To-Others.

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