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Race: Humans
Gender: Male
Introduction: 2007/08/03


Chapter 29
08/03, 08/06, 08/15, 09/07, 09/10



Apparently a member of the security forces of the Veracian Church assigned to protect Patriarch Jeramel, and named here, as he's in the process of failing to stop Jeramel's entourage from getting blasted by the Anilis-enhanced Ian. He rises half a notch above the status of anonymous NPC Guard by virtue of having a name, but it doesn't do him much good against Ian, at least to start with. His unnamed commanding officer doesn't seem to think highly of him, as he has run off when supposed to be doing his duty in the past.

However, there's more to Sandel than meets the eye. Having survived the magical zap, he retaliates (against his commanding officer, not Ian) with a Force Bolt of his own, then grabs the body of the hacked-up Ian and disappears at great speed -- unnaturally, magically great speed, in fact. This pretty well taps him as an Ensigerum Time-ninja who has successfully infiltrated the Church. Watch this boy; he will go far...

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