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Race: Elves
Gender: Male
Introduction: 2009/09/23


Chapter 42
09/23, 09/25, 09/28, 10/07, 10/09, 10/16, 10/19, 10/21, 10/23


An elf of no obvious distinction, except that he happens to be in the right (sic) place at the right time to take over when High Commander Yenhael meets his comeuppance in the fracas in Senilis' rest home. As yet we don't know anything about him or his attitude toward this ill-advised quest, except that he appears to get a bit of Yenhael's gore on him, courtesy of Concussion's hammer. An elf that looks like Silman survives at least to the end of the chapter, although there's no way to be sure of his identity, so he's not listed as living impaired -- yet. On the other hand, there appears to be at least one other elf in the party that also matches his general description, so Concussion's second hammer blow may have landed on (and removed part of) his own head. All will be clear when the action at this site picks up again, presumably.

The elves on the Senilis quest seem to be more or less interchangeable, apart from Yenhael. There's every chance that Silman may have shown up earlier in the melee, but the "Introduction" in the sidebar reflects the first time we hear his name used. There's a sneaking feeling that they're all equally doomed anyway, regardless of what their names are.

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