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First use: 2004/02/13

Where used

2004/02/13, 2006/11/03, 2007/08/27(?), 2011/01/20

Another of those spells that adds fascination to the world of Errant Story.


This one does just what it sounds like: the subject of the spell conks out and begins to snore. The duration of the effect is unclear.

The Sleep spell doesn't always produce the desired effect, however. When Sarine tries to subdue Sara Amraphel with it in the big fight in the cathedral, Sara resists and stays awake and nasty. Not until big brother Jon smacks her upside the head does she finally conk out, maybe from the cumulative effect of cold-cocking and spell, maybe just from cold-cocking. Of course Sara and her Ensigerum pals have some resistance to such things.

Where Used

First used by Sarine on the Shipping Company Guy in Saus, after intimidating him into telling what he knew about Jon's and Meji's travel plans. (It isn't stated explicitly, but one suspects that he'll wake up with a bit of amnesia.) That and the unsuccessful cast on Sara are the only times we've actually seen it used, but Sarine considers using it on Meji during one of her bouts of whining while traveling. (Jon wonders why she didn't follow through, which is actually a pretty good question.)

Much later, Ian applies a devastating touch to the forehead of a nun during his invasion of the Veracian Church headquarters. It drops her in her tracks, but we don't know whether the effect is sleep-like or something, well, fatal. The means of casting the spell, at least, is consistent with what Sarine did to the shipping-company guy.

Later still, the Senilis-powered Meji uses it on an unnamed guard in Tsuirakushiti as she tries to break out of her "observation" cell (read: captivity) there. The guy may not like it, but it's a superior alternative to the "HEAD 'SPLODY!" that she originally threatened him with. Shortly after that, Meji and her grandfather have an affectionate little exchange of Sleep spells, but only the Senilis-supercharged one works.

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