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Race: Half Elves
Gender: Female
Introduction: 2007-01-22


None (apparently)



One of the Errants in Santuariel who queues up for healing by the Anilis-supercharged Ian. According to Riley, her main deficiency is that she's unable to cast magic, which is a problem as her father was one of the few mages in town, and indeed Ian's teacher. We infer from this that Maxwel is her dad, although it's not explicitly stated and Ian may have had other teachers too. Unfortunately, present evidence is that this problem isn't one that Ian can fix with his Omega-Heal powers. Whether or not this turns out to be important remains to be seen, but it's something to keep an eye on.

She's not to be confused with the similarly-named girl-child Suzie, who's magically capable (at least to the point of being able to penetrate an illusion) without ever having had any training in it. Suzie's father may or may not be a mage; given her circumstances, probably even her mom (Polly) doesn't know. Either way, he probably wasn't Maxwel.

Susan is one of the few Errant Story characters who gets a brief cameo in the Errant Road on-line free-form role-playing game. A character by this name turns out to have been a childhood friend of player character Lillith, and while their paths diverged years ago and she hasn't been seen in the game proper, she does show up in an important bit of Lillith's backstory. This goes far to explain Lillith's attitude toward Errants, why she's on the road, and the discomfort she felt in the Santuariel-like Errant Road town of Snamish, where the attitude of "sound" half elves toward Errants is not as ... tolerant as in Santuariel. Another character by this name, and with the same magical impairment, but much older, is mentioned much later in Errant Road when PCs Therese and Desiree visit Santuariel. (Minor ER spoiler: this one and Lillith's friend are grandmother and granddaughter. It isn't clear yet which one Riley was pointing out to Meji, but most likely the older one.)

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