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This is my first stab at creating an article for a non-FwF character. How's it look? Viking-Sensei 02:05, 7 January 2008 (CST)

Just fine, thanks. A couple of minor points of convention:
  • When putting dates into the "appearances" box, convert them (in the synonym only, not in the weblink itself, obviously) from the format yyyy-mm-dd to yyyy/mm/dd. There's a reason for this: it helps keep track of what's the name of the weblink and what's displayed, which in turn helps avoid editing errors later (I speak from experience here...). That's particularly helpful if the appearances are numerous, as they are for the main characters.
  • Double breaks after the last appearance in any chapter will generate a tiny bit of extra white space in the appearances box and improve readability.
  • Punctuation is normally applied following "American" rather than "British" conventions (it is, after all, an American-based strip and wiki), so that double quotes -- " -- are used before single quotes -- '.
Content-wise, it's excellent. Personally, I usually give dry wikilinks with the name of the linked page rather than witty commentary, but that's entirely a matter of taste, and your writing is more entertaining. I also usually wait a couple of days after a character first appears, both to prolong the getting-to-know-you process and because first appearances can be deceiving. In this particular case, the guy's wound may be bad enough that his second appearance is also his last appearance, so maybe best to get his brief moment in the sun documented ... That too is a matter of taste. There are one or two additional categories that he fits, but I'll add them.
All told, great first article! -- Graybeard 08:31, 7 January 2008 (CST)
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