Tarragon the Troll

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Tarragon the Troll

Race: Trolls
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Tarragon the Troll hasn't appeared in the story yet, and probably won't. He/she/it, rather, is the subject of a kids' song (along with Doodah the Dragon, who also probably won't appear) that Jon sings en route to the elven travel platform with his sister Sara and Sarine. Sarine, who may be the only person in the entire Poe-verse with any taste (it's OK, we don't hold it against her), finds this song "horrific," reasonably enough. Jon reveals that Sara sang it endlessly when they were kids, to the point of driving their mother to distraction, which maybe explains a little of why mom is so grumpy whenever we see her. Now, of course, he's singing it to drive Sara to distraction, with the intention of getting her de-programmed from her Ensigerum days. Remarkably, it seems to be working.

In a truly shocking development, Impy has revealed, in a Forum thread, that she's the author of the lyrics for this little song. It's all right, we love her anyway.

Tarragon is the only troll named so far (since "Chieftess" seems to be a title, not a name), but be patient. Half-troll Mikota is lurking out there in an eventual Errant Story sequel, however.

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