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Generic term for the process of moving things around magically (in most though not all cases, directly from point A to point B, not physically occupying any of the space in between), rather than by exerting physical force. As a rule, teleportation in Errant Story is accomplished via magic gadgets such as warp gates and travel platforms rather than spells. (Whether the Portals connecting the Giant Magic Potato (or, if you prefer, "rest home of the goddess Anilis") and the similar chamber bearing what was left of Senilis, before he got absorbed by Meji Hinadori, is unclear.

To every rule there is an exception, and the most prominent exception to this one happens when Meji generously helps her friend Bani Igaaru and Corporal Matsu get an airship loaded up with stuff for the little goodwill visit to Praenubilus Astu. She just says "'Port!", all of the stuff zips into its proper spot in the hold, and that's that. Needless to say, this impresses both Bani and her incredibly-high-up-the-food-chain commanding officer General Izayoi. Whether an actual "Teleport" spell exists and is taught at Sashi Mu, or this is some special talent conferred by Meji having been Senilisated, is unclear.

Note that when Ian goes zipping around the world, first dropping in on his old friends in Santuariel and then going off to knock on the elves' door and back, he is not teleporting in the usual sense of the term. Rather, he's just doing an incredibly supercharged version of the somewhat more pedestrian Fly spell, courtesy of his own possession by Anilis.

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