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Volume One

The story begins with a pregnant young elf, Sarine Elle, worrying with her husband about the health and safety of her half elf child in a world where the half elves are sometimes born “wrong,” and the elves and half elves are at war. Two thousand years later, in the present day of the comic, Sarine has become an almost cold-blooded killer who primarily hunts half elves.

The first chapter sees the introduction of our protagonist, a young half elf girl named Meji Hinadori, who is in a predicament at school. She is failing and needs a spectacular senior project in order to graduate. She decides that the easiest project would be to simply become an insane demigoddess and take over the world. Some research reveals that the ancient elven gods might be a suitable source of power for her plans, so she and her sarcastic familiar, Ellis, embark on a quest to find a god so that she can siphon off its energy.

The first stop in Meji’s journey is Saus, a busy city in the country of Veracia, which is run by the Veracian Church. While there she rescues a young man, Chris, from some bullies, but declines his offer to join his quest on the grounds that he is a complete moron. On her way out of town, Meji encounters a group of police hunting down an assassin, Jon Amraphel, and after a brief misunderstanding where he attempts to take her hostage so he can escape the police, they take turns saving each other’s lives. Jon decides that in the interest of avoiding further trouble, he had best accompany Meji as far as the next city, so the trio sets off together towards the capital city of Emerylon, where Meji hopes to find more information about the elven gods.

Meanwhile, a novice of the Ensigerum, Sara Amraphel, attacks some unsuspecting Gewehr Wraiths as a training exercise. At the instruction of her teacher, she is certain to leave one of the men alive to tell the rest of the Gewehr what happened.

Upon arriving in Emerylon, Jon and Meji split up. Jon’s boss briefs him on the Ensigerum attack and orders him to lay low indefinitely due to his difficulties with the authorities, while Meji breaks into the church library only to discover another half elf, Ian Samael, is already there and by a complete coincidence has the book she wants. He and Meji escape the church’s guards together. Outside the city, Jon meets back up with the pair, and Ian reveals that his reason for wanting the book is to heal his sister and some others who are sick. The group decides to travel together.

Back in Saus, Sarine does her best to ignore memories of her husband’s death as she seeks more information about the silver-haired wizard with pointed ears who did so much damage to some local bullies.

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