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Print Collection Update!

Time for another update on the books from your friendly neighborhood overworked editor!

At this point, Volume One has been expanded from about 140 pages to 192 PACKED pages. My part, the page layouts and editing and lettering, is now done on all 192 of those pages. About thirty of the pages are still waiting for some extra panel art from Poe, and all of them need to be shaded. They also need to be numbered and resized, because I foolishly decided to change the book proportions AFTER I’d already finished the first volume. Fortunately, that can be more or less automated.

Volume Two has been transcribed courtesy of Graybeard, and the first editing pass is done. Now I’m making sure that pages end up on appropriate sides of the book and that any excessively wordy pages I didn’t split on the first pass are getting split. I’m about halfway done lettering the first chapter of Volume Two, which now starts here. I’ve done a few additional pages from later in the volume, too, I was jumping around for a bit there because I was focusing on the split pages first.

Volume Three and Volume Four have also been transcribed. I need to finish the first pass editing, and then figure out how to rework the page counts because there are a LOT of split pages in Volume Three. Thank you, paedagogusi, your inane babble makes life so busy for the rest of us. Fortunately, Volume Three has already been lettered, so aside from the split pages it should be very light work.

So, at this point, I’m coming up on about the halfway mark editing-wise, and about the 1/3 mark lettering-wise. Thank you all so much for being patient while we work through this. I’m really not the fastest editor or letterer out there, and I’m sorry to be taking so long.