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November 12th, 2013
[CT] Baby Tentacle Monster
[CT] Baby Tentacle Monster

I suppose I should say something on the choice of names for Bani’s familiar…   The simple fact was I thought naming a chibi tentacle monster ‘Rape-kun’ sounded funny and it fit with Bani’s personality to reference bad non-con hentai when she named her familiar (remember she had called Meji ’slut chan’ just a few pages ago). That’s all. Also the internet was a far more lawless place back then and people didn’t really question decisions like this. I would probably just change the name if I had it to do again now. So moving on…

Getting these flashback pages done is rather destroying us, and we’re going to have to go on a reduced update schedule until we can finish this chapter.

Speaking of getting our asses kicked by these pages, Impy wanted me to mention that we want to hire someone to do panel cleanup for later flashbacks and interested people should e-mail her if they have experience.