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Support the Comic

Thank you for wanting to support Errant Story! There are lots of ways you can help…


Errant Story is a fairly small comic that can’t fully support Poe through advertising and merchandise alone, so it’s your donations that go to pay his bills and make it possible for Poe to keep making the comic all the time. He’s a very slow artist and it takes him 40 or more hours each week to produce all the pages for Errant Story and Does Not Play Well With Others, so by donating, you make it so that Poe can afford to spend that time making comics instead of taking another job.

To thank you for your support, everyone who donates gets a shiny wallpaper as a donation gift, no matter the size of the donation. We change the wallpaper out whenever we can, and you should be automatically directed to the download page when you complete your Paypal transaction.

Thank you for helping to support Poe! Please click here to donate:


There are several fine products available for purchase in our online store. Since we do not currently license our products out, every penny you spend in the store goes directly to us to help pay for the products, the shipping, and other business expenses. We also have an Etsy shop where you can buy original art.

Original Art by Michael Poe


Advertising with us is an opportunity to reach a great group of people. Errant Story fans enjoy things like fantasy, science fiction, televisions, movies, roleplaying games, video games, comic books, anime, and collectibles. If it’s smart, funny, and a little bit dark, it’s a good bet our readers will like it. You can advertise with us via our account on Project Wonderful.