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About Us

Michael Poe has worked in webcomics for more than a decade, and was one of the first in the field to also be successfully published in print. He is best known for creating the instant hit turned cult classic Exploitation Now, and for his award-winning fantasy comic, Errant Story. In January of 2011, Poe launched a new humor webcomic called Does Not Play Well With Others which updates five days a week. Errant Story will be followed by a new series of short stories called Errant Tales after a bit of a break.

Hilary Hatch is the editor and art director for Caffeine Angel Studios.  After running the business side of the studio for five years, she took on her first editing role in 2010 by editing Errant Story Volume Three.  Since then, she has moved on to directing the development of Errant Tales, working with a growing cast of artists to produce the series of short stories.  More commonly known as Impy due to her origins in the fan community, Hilary is also Poe’s wife.

Jim Hanson volunteers as the friendly neighborhood forum admin on our boards, and also helps us out as an occasional booth minion at conventions.  Currently going by Viking Sensei, Jim is a longtime friend but a relatively recent addition to the Errant Story team.