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That time, deep in the distant past, when the elves basically ruled the world; abbreviated AoE.

We don't know much about this era yet. It appears to have started roughly 8000 years ago (i.e., 8000 BCE, or Before Common Era) according to the time line generously provided by Impy, with the creation of the elves by Senilis and Anilis. It lasted until 2215 BCE, when the era of the Errant Wars started.

Some important dates in this era, some possibly approximate since year-by-year time probably doesn't mean that much to an elf:

  • 0 AoE (8000 BCE): Elves created
  • 3002 AoE (4998 BCE): Trolls created
  • 4679 AoE (3321 BCE): Elves lose contact with the dwarves
  • 5000 AoE (3000 BCE): Birth of Sarine Elle
  • 5052 AoE (2948 BCE): Elves discover humans
  • 5173 AoE (2827 BCE): Ensigerum is established
  • 5201 AoE (2799 BCE): Birth of the first known half elf
  • 5785 AoE (2215 BCE): Destruction of Malacia, end of the Age of Elves

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